Box Out Marketing has continued the tradition of holding an “Ultimate Marketer” contest at the annual user conference of Infusionsoft users.  In the days of InfusionCon and ICON, Infusionsoft held a contest to crown the “Ultimate Marketer” or the “ICON Business Of The Year”.

Each year contestants submit their application before the conference.  Their application consists of their Infusionsoft story – how Infusionsoft has revolutionized their business and life.

Three to five finalists are chosen each year to present their story, their Infusionsoft tips and tricks, and their campaigns to the entire audience at the conference.  The audience then votes.  When the votes are tallied, the winner is crowned and awarded a cash prize.

This year, Eric and April Perry from Learn Do Become were crowned with the “Ultimate Marketer” title and awarded $5,000.00.

Eric promptly gave the prize money away to Mentors International, an organization that Box Out Marketing partnered with to raise money for struggling entrepreneurs in third-world countries.