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Founder, Monkeypod Marketing
Greg Jenkins is the founder of Monkeypod Marketing, where he focuses on empowering entrepreneurs through online courses and educational resources. To be specific, he helps Infusionsoft users understand the software in different ways, and at higher levels, to maximize the return on their monthly investment. Prior to starting Monkeypod, Greg worked at Infusionsoft as a curriculum developer and lead trainer for Infusionsoft University. In addition to small business and marketing automation, he loves hiking, traveling, watching basketball, and binging Netflix. And also dogs, he loves dogs.
Brian Formato
Founder & Facilitator
Brian is the founder and lead facilitator for LeaderSurf. When not running leadership retreats, Brian Formato is President and Principal consultant at Groove Management, a strength focused consulting firm.
Crystelle Topatan
Founder & Managing Director
Crystelle, the Launch Founder and Managing Director, is based in Sydney, Australia, and is a Marketing, Events, Sales and Business Automation Expert
Clate Mask
CEO & Co-Founder, Keap
Founder, Fix Your Funnel
In his session Ryan Chapman will share how to use Infusionsoft to capture leads and take them to long term customers. You may know Ryan from FixYourFunnel, but before FixYourFunnel he and his brother grew a very successful training company from zero to 7 figures in a year. His members stayed with the company an average of 2.6 years a large multiple of your average membership. Learn how he used Infusionsoft to make sales easy and ascension even easier.
Digital Marketing Manager at Wildix
Vitaly is digital marketer with more than 10 years experience. Worked in few industries so far. Award winning speaker. At Wildix he has a mission to bring enterprise-level telephone system to small businesses.
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