The Infusionsoft community was bummed in late 2017 when Infusionsoft announced they’d be cancelling their annual user conference called ICON.  The message to the community was that Infusionsoft wanted to focus on being a great software company and not be distracted by events and other programs that didn’t contribute to the software missions.

It still felt like a let down, like the culture of Infusionsoft was changing in an irreparable way.  It felt like the core of Infusionsoft was dying.

But, Infusionsoft has, like any could leader does, created something bigger than itself.

Infusionsoft created a community that embodies the values of the founders and the early adopters.  And Infusionsoft has created a parter community that can carry the torch of small business leadership far beyond what the company can do.

And that’s exactly what has happened with ICON, now SuccessCon.

Box Out Marketing, and Infusionsoft Pro Partner, has decided to take on the challenge of hosting an annual user conference, a gathering of Infusionsoft users from all around the world.

This year, InfusionCon is being hosted in San Diego, at the Sheraton near the San Diego airport.  With about 300 people in attendance, the Infusionsoft community and the idea of an annual conference is alive and well.